21DFX – Days Nine through Twelve

21DFX - Days Nine through TwelveNo, I did not fall off the wagon.

No, I did not quit.

What happened to the 21DFX diary then, Joe?

Well, here’s the deal – In my 9-5 life I’m a commercial property manager. As a part of that segment of my life I volunteer as a member of the board of directors of the Corporate Facilities Council. Monday through Thursday of this past week I was in Houston for our annual planning meeting. You got a sample of that with my Day 8 post pic from the vacant fitness center. So, time was a big factor for me over the past week.

As in, I didn’t have a lot of it. I got all of my workouts in while I was on this trip, but part of the reason for that was that other things, like posting blog updates, were sacrificed.

I talk about this a lot with the people I coach, my friends and my family. You get done in the day the things you make time for. Simple as that. People complain that they can’t work on their fitness or health because they don’t have time. Nonsense. You have time for everything that’s important to you. If you’re not exercising that means it isn’t as important to you as some other things.

No judgement here. Those other things may actually be very important, critical activities upon which your happiness, or even your survival, depends.

Except when that isn’t the case.

On that day when you say you didn’t have time to exercise did you watch TV? Did you cruise Pinterest? Play a video game? Spend hours randomly Facebooking?

We are the sum total of what we spend most of our time doing. If your health and fitness is suffering, or if you’re just not able to get your body to do for you what you want it to do you have to be willing to devote time to it. If you’re not, then you need to be ok with a body that’s got problems. And seriously, I am NOT talking about what you look like in a bathing suit. That’s superficial and has virtually nothing to do with whether or not you’re going to be wiping your own ass when you’re 90.

Getting 100% of my scheduled workouts in while I was traveling was crucial to me, so I made time for it by taking time from other things that weren’t as crucial (like updating this diary). It was crucial because one of the things that happens on business trips is you lose control over your nutrition in a big way. Airports, hotels, conference centers and the like are nutritional pits. As in, really, really, really, really bad.

And here’s where I want to focus on this diary for the next seven days – nutrition. I want to be laser-focused on nutrition because you can have the most perfect, the most mind-blowing exercise program and follow it religiously, but if you aren’t fueling your body properly your results will be disappointing (or possibly even non-existent).

So, to be definitely continued, and thanks for hanging in there with me so far.

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