21DFX – Day Eight

21DFX - Day Eight

Look, it’s an utterly empty fitness center!

I really don’t like traveling unless it’s for a vacation.

Monday was a battle to get things done. I woke up at a little before 5 am in California, went through the gauntlet that is traveling by airplane these days and landed, several hours later in Houston, in a different time zone.

I kept telling myself I was going to do my workout and kept finding other things to do, including walk about 2 miles to a store to get some provisions for me week here in temperatures that were somewhat less than hospitable. To call my walk brisk would be a massive understatement. I couldn’t feel my nose when I got back to the hotel.

I did eventually get suited up and get my workout in. Day eight of 21DFX was a return to Plyo Fix Extreme. That’s jumping around with weights, for those of you who skipped my Day One post. The hotel here has a pretty nice fitness center, so I availed myself of their dumbbells and a place to sweat. I knew I’d have room to do the workout, but didn’t realized I’d have the place all to myself.

There was one guy in the fitness center when I got there who was doing what way too many guys do in hotel fitness centers – putter around with the weight machines. He was not sweating. He was not accomplishing anything. And as soon as I started my video on my trusty laptop (I’m a courteous kind of guy, I have a pair of nifty bluetooth headphones so no one else has to listen to what’s going on) he got bummed that someone was working up a sweat and split.

The thought occurred to me though – I’ve traveled a lot for business and vacations and basically the only people I ever seen in hotel fitness centers are women walking on the treadmills (which is often confusing, since this is often in places where walking outside would not only be more fun, but really gorgeous and wonderful) or men pretending to do a workout by playing with the weight machines. Often, the room is totally empty.

Apart from my stalling on getting my workout in, sticking with the nutrition plan was exceptionally difficult on day eight of 21DFX. I’m hopeful that I can find a source of fruit and veggies for the remainder of my stay. It’s no wonder that Americans are having a problem with obesity. If you’re sufficiently busy and spend any amount of time traveling, you’ll find pretty much nothing resembling whole or balanced nutrition in airports and hotels. Coffee and booze you can get in abundance. Likewise fast food. Actual food, with actual nutrients? Not so much.

My frigid walk yesterday was mainly an attempt to find actual food. This was not a success. I’ll be in meetings most of today and through the middle of the week, and I’m going to button-hole the catering staff and see what I can do about this. I even brought my wee containers to use as a visual reference and get my portions right.

As a friend said last week – Onward!

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