The scale is an evil jerk monster

What the Number on the Scale Really Means: A Primer on Weight Fluctuations

via What the Number on the Scale Really Means: A Primer on Weight Fluctuations | Greatist.

Just go on right ahead and click the link above and read this entire article. Go ahead. I’ll be here waiting when you’re done.

Seriously. Go read it. Sheesh!

Ok, you’re back. Do you suddenly feel less stupid? You should. If you’ve been beating yourself senseless with self-loathing because your scale isn’t cooperating with you then you should also relax and cut yourself some slack.

The scale is a blunt instrument, and as this article points out very effectively, it flat out lies. Ok, it’s an inanimate object with no intentions or emotions, so it doesn’t lie. Fine.

It is a jerkface hobo with one eye and a lisp though.

You are not the sum of the digits your scale produces. For the people I work with on weight loss my first piece of advice is usually, “Ok, so, now that you’ve got your baseline weight measured and recorded, give your scale to a friend and tell them to hide it from you for 30 days. You don’t get to step on it again until then.”

Why do I say this? Because the information it gives you is not necessary information. Look, if you’re overweight you know that. You don’t need to know the precise number. That’s like being a middle-aged guy with male pattern baldness who counts the hairs that fall out on his pillow each night. You’re going bald. Does it matter precisely how bald?

Anyway, go back and read the linked article again, and print yourself a copy of the chart at the bottom. That’s your guide now.

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