21DFX – Day Five & Six

21dfx - day fiveThis is going to sound like a broken record, but I keep being humbled by 21DFX workouts.

Cardio Fix X sounded like I was finally going to get to cruise a bit. I mean I had been doing Insanity Max 30 prior to this. I’m a cyclist. I should have a cardiovascular system that can hack any cardio workout you throw at me.


First mistake – I assumed cardio in the title meant we’d get a break from the weights. Not so. It’s cardio with weights. You do a move  for 30 seconds and then you do another version of that that’s explosive and rapid. Then, just to keep your heart rate up, you do a pure cardio move for 30 seconds.

You know you’re going to be a sweaty mess when Autumn has you doing 30 seconds of high knees and that feels like a break.

Day Six I had no such illusions about going in.  At this point I get Autumn’s game and the title of the day’s workout was Dirty 30 Extreme I was pretty sure that didn’t mean anything tawdry.

Dirty 30 is essentially a workout composed of combo moves. Only three rounds this time, again with two moves per round, with each working your whole body. These are legs and arm moves combined.

I had a rough time in the first round because the moves involved shoulder press variations and I’ve got weaker than average shoulder muscles. Today I had to step down into a lighter set of weights in order to be able to complete those moves, and my shoulders were thoroughly burnt.

The unifying thread between these two days of workouts for me was that these were the first days I’d encountered in the program where I could not work all the way through for the full time on some of the moves. Cardio Fix drove my heart rate up quite high and a breather was necessary a couple of times. Dirty 30 taxed some of my muscles to the point of failure and I had to take mini breaks in some of the moves.

What I’m interested in seeing is how I respond to these two workouts in week two.  I can feel the work I’ve been doing in all of my muscles. My legs, in particular are affected, with my quads, hamstrings and glutes all pretty sore. No need to dudify either of these days of the program guys. Your ass will be kicked.

I’m cautiously optimistic about Sunday’s workout. It’s Yoga day, but I have this weird feeling Autumn is going to find a way to bring a dumbbell into that too.

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