21DFX – Day Four

21DFX-Day-4This is an uncomfortable admission for an avid cyclist, but apparently I have rather weak legs.

21DFX – Day Four (I decided to shorten things up. Typing the 21 Dude Fix Extreme every day was going to get annoying. I can be lazy sometimes. I’m allowed.) was one of the hardest workouts I have ever done. Autumn Calabrese, you win the sweatiest workout contest, hands down.

I will be honest, I’m a typical cyclist. I think to myself, “I can ride to the top of a mountain, therefore I have strong legs,” but the reality is that I really don’t. I cringe whenever any workout program I’m doing presents me with “leg day.” Day four of 21DFX was Lower Fix Extreme. Let’s just call it LEG DAY XTREME!

What you’re presented with are four rounds of exercises with two moves in each round, each one repeated twice. There are squats and lunges, naturally, but there are also squats immediately followed by squat jumps, and lunges followed immediately by lunge jumps. You get the picture. Just as you’re starting to get toasted by the squats (did I mention you’re doing this holding weights?), Autumn has you put the weights down and start doing squat jumps, and so on, and so forth.

And rest is, well, nearly non-existent. You get enough rest to set up for the next move and that’s about all she wrote. As you can see from the photo, I was soaked.

Here’s the thing – I really need this workout more than all the rest of them. There’s a lot of work on your hip flexors and I’ve got really, absurdly, stupidly weak hip flexors. So weak, in fact, that I only recently was able to start riding again after over two years off the bike due to back spasms that were caused by my mega-weak hip and adductor muscles. Because those muscles weren’t doing their jobs properly when I rode, the teeny, tiny little muscles in my mid-back were trying to take up the slack, wearing themselves out and going into intense spasms.

This is a perfect example of something I keep trying to tell my cycling pals – if the only activity you do is cycling you run the risk of getting major muscle imbalances. There may be parts of you that are very, very fit, but expecting to have solid overall fitness from just riding (especially if you’re a weekend warrior like me) is tempting fate.

So, thanks Autumn for handing me my tuckus… again.

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