21 Dude Fix Extreme – Day Two

21 Dude Fix Extreme - Day TwoThere is just something manly about working your arms. I think we’re programmed, as guys, to sort of fixate on that part of our anatomy more than others.

I mean, sure, we’re all about the six pack these days, but that’s a popular culture-driven obsession. A guy with scrawny arms and washboard abs loses out to a man with a pair of deck guns and an average torso pretty much every time. At least that’s what I’ve observed.

So, today was the second day of the 21 Dude Fix Extreme for me. Today’s workout was Upper Fix Extreme. Quite a bit different from yesterday’s program. Instead of on again/off again, it’s plow through the moves in each round with no break other than the time it takes to switch from heavier to lighter dumbbells or from dumbbells to a resistance band.

As advertised, this is all about the upper body, mostly concentrated on the arms. And because Autumn moves you so quickly through everything a 15 pound dumbbell was plenty heavy.  On most of the weighted moves you’re doing a drop set. You’re doing 30 seconds of the heavy dumbbell, followed by 30 seconds with a lighter one. For me that was 15 for the heavy and 10 for the light. There are also several moves that involve a 15 pound resistance band, and some where body weight provides the resistance.

This one is certainly easy to dudify. Just grab a heavy enough weight to make it challenging. I can see some guys using 20 or 25 pounders as their heavy weights. But don’t go crazy. Like I said, there’s no rest to speak of in the 35 minutes this workout will take you, so there’s no way you can lift super heavy and take a breather to recover before it’s time to do more.

I will certainly be using a heavier band when we do this one next week. The 15 pound, pink band provided enough resistance to make it work, but a slightly heavier band would serve me better, I think.

I will tell you folks, I was feeling Day One’s workout all day at work. Each time I got up out of a chair I felt my bootie. Likewise for my quads. Day Two’s workout was making itself heard within a half hour of finishing. Autumn is not messing around. Have I mentioned that already?

I do want to delve into the nutrition plan aspect of this program, but that’s not going to happen tonight. I had a band rehearsal tonight and time has slipped away from me and sleep beckons loudly.

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