2-15-15 Ride

2-15-15 Ride

My very good friend Rob Bonstin decided to do the 2015 California AIDS Lifecycle Ride this year. Before I get too far into this blog entry I want to call attention to that. He’s going to ride his bike 454 miles over six days this summer to raise money for AIDS research. What’s remarkable isn’t just that Rob’s going to do this ride, but that prior to signing up and committing to do it he hadn’t really even done any road cycling before. Mountain biking, yes. Road riding. Nope.

Another friend, Craig, did the AIDS Lifecycle a few years ago and and he and I had been talking about riding together for ages but had never done it. Rob signing up to destroy his sit-bones for charity finally got us together earlier this year. We dragged poor Rob out to ride around the Oakland hills in January on his mountain bike.

There are few things less pleasant than trying to keep up with a couple of reasonably seasoned roadies on a mountain bike. Rob suffered through it though… and then promptly bought himself a road bike.

We decided on that ride to try to do it more, to help Rob get his miles in and get his body ready for riding a lot… every day… for six days, and also because it was fun. So, today I got the two of them to come out to my corner of the bay area for an easy 25 miler. Rob had done a long training ride yesterday and I was Wrong-Way Selby on the Cinderella Conditioning Ride so a nice casually-paced roll was what was called for.

There are times when I dig just getting out on the bike and riding for the solitude of it, but there’s also something really cool about social rides among cool people, and Rob and Craig are two of the coolest people I know.

Hit the link above to donate to Rob’s AIDS ride fund.

No pics from this ride because scenery-wise it was just ok. But here’s the route:

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