What if you died tomorrow?

What’s your plan for today? How are you going to choose to use your time?

What if you found out you were going to die tomorrow?

That’s a sobering thought. Tonight, when you are laying down to go to bed take a look over how you spent your day. If you didn’t wake up tomorrow would you feel like the choices you made and the ways you spent your day were the choices you’d have made if you knew it would be your last day?

I didn’t grow up with a sweet old grandmother who gave me cookies, pinched my cheeks and told me I was the cutest thing ever. She did not gush over scribbled pictures drawn with crayons or tuneless performances at school band recitals. (In fact, she only started showing up for my high school jazz band performances when she was told by other relatives that not only was the band pretty good, but that her grandson was a pretty exceptional bassist. Likewise for my school play performances. The freshman year that I played the wacky brother in Father of the Bride she gave a miss. She only showed up for senior year and the main part in Our Town.)

I spent some years of my life being depressed and feeling deprived of grandmotherly love (and to this day I do not care for the woman at all), but she did teach me on lesson that, once it sunk in to my thick skull, I remind myself of often:

We get a ticket to the show. Nowhere on that ticket is the time of the final curtain printed.

She laid that one on me when I was 10.

If you aren’t treating today like it might be your last, one of these days it will be, and there will be no going back.

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