Getting It Done

Tony Horton’s 5 secrets to making sure you are getting it done and getting your workouts in every single day.

Tony is the man. I make no bones about this. Without Tony Horton I would not be as fit and healthy as I am today. Full credit where it is due.

One of the major lessons I gained from following Tony is that my workouts don’t just happen. If I rely on luck or having an extra 30 minutes or hour to get it done then there’s a pretty good chance it won’t happen.

Life is going to throw things at us.

My 9-5 job is largely reactive. I manage commercial retail properties for a living. Here’s a simple list of stuff that can happen to turn my schedule upside down with no warning:

  • Car strike – Every month, somewhere in the California portfolio of our stores, someone drives their car into the front of a store
  • Earthquake – It doesn’t happen often, and usually causes no damage, but any quake in my portfolio means same day inspections for damage at any store that might be impacted
  • Fire – Could be a local grass fire (and every month this drought in California goes on makes the potential for a big fire greater) or it could be a fire inside the building
  • Water Damage – Burst pipes, overflowed toilets, failed water heaters, fire sprinkler leaks or, in the event we actually get some, rain water coming in through a roof or a window
  • Biohazard – Customers bleed, urinate, defecate and vomit in stores, and each situation is potentially hazardous
  • Protest Activity – People get angry, and they need someone to blame, so they smash windows

There’s more, but those are some of the big ones. If I fail to plan for my work and my workouts the odds of me getting it done are, well, slim.

You probably heard this from a parent or teacher when you were a kid, and it bugged the snot out of you.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

The thing about those things that drove us bats as kids is that they were, more often than not, completely true.

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