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Beachbody had several great announcements at the Team Beachbody Summit in Las Vegas at the end of last month. PiYo, Chalene Johnson’s new program came as no surprise at all since it had been pre-announced ahead of Summit, but actually being able to hold the program in my hand and test out the workout with Chalene herself was pretty amazing. I’ll be helping to lead a ginormous test group that will be working through this new program together starting on July 7th, and boy do I need it.

PiYo incorporates elements of Pilates and yoga along with low-impact cardio and strength exercises. The idea is to restore flexibility and mobility for those of us who have been pounding at our bodies relentlessly (Oh, hai Tony and Shaun T!) for a while. It’s also a good starter program for those who cannot do high-impact moves or need to rehab their bodies for other reasons. I’m in my final week of my second round of T25 in the last 12 months, and those who have kept up with me know I’ve done P90X2 and P90X3 as well this year. I need this.

Also introduced at Summit was the 3 Day Refresh. Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler told the development story of the 3 Day Refresh this way – He said he was checking out the TBB message boards and Facebook and saw that coaches were setting up Shakeology Cleanse groups and having a lot of success with them. He mentioned this to his wife, and the co-developer of Shakeology, Isabelle Daikeler, and she wasn’t pleased. Her point of view was that this was not the purpose for which Shakeology had been designed and there were going to be nutritional problems created for people who followed the protocol these coaches had set up. So Carl asked Isabelle what she’d do if she were to create a program like this, and thus the 3 Day Refresh was born.

3 Day Refresh is a cleanse, but it’s not harsh and it’s not willful starvation like the juice cleanses and tea cleanses out there. Each kit comes with three components and a nutrition guide for the real food you prepare yourself to go along with it. Those who have tried it so far seem to love it. I got my kit at Summit and will start my experience with the 3 Day Refresh on Monday, July 7th. I intend to report dutifully on it here.

Another big announcement was the release of the 21 Day Fix en Espanol – the first Beachbody program with program materials published in Spanish as well as dialog and cues overdubbed in Spanish. As Carl pointed out, the obesity epidemic is hitting the latino population of this country particularly hard, with rates of diabetes, in particular, within that community soaring. So this is a major step for Beachbody to reach into a previously underserved community.

Last, and hardly least, was announced the latest program from Tony Horton – P90. For those of you who have been around a while you’re shaking your head a bit and saying, “Wait, isn’t that Power 90?” Nope. This isn’t just an updated version of Tony’s original fitness program. This a brand new, modern program from Tony Horton focused on yet another underserved market – people who are new to fitness.

Now lots of people, including yours truly, blithely ignored the warnings that came with P90X that this was a program that had minimum fitness requirements, and blasted through, got hurt, dusted ourselves off and blasted through again, like the pig-headed and willful consumers we are. But there are a lot of folks out there who just clearly should not do that. P90, which will be released in September, is going to for them. Tony called it the “On-Switch for Fitness.” From what I saw at Summit this is a program that can be picked up by virtually anyone and used to get you ready to take on bigger challenges later on. It will also, like all of the latest programs from Beachbody, be respectful of your time and your busy life, with each workout clocking in at under 30 minutes.

Lots and lots of cool stuff. As I said, P90 won’t be available until September, but PiYo, the 3 Day Refresh and 21 Day Fix En Espanol are all available now, and each has a discounted challenge pack you can purchase in July only.

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