Why can’t I make progress? The answer may be pretty simple…

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It may be as simple as you’re not getting enough sleep, or engage in too much negative thinking about yourself…

Put simply, losing weight and getting in shape has everything to do with your environment and less to do with eating less and moving more. As proof, consider that research has shown a lack of sleep minimizes weight loss and can even lead to poor eating choices. Unless your body gets what it needs, you can’t expect it to give you what you want.

If losing weight and getting fitter was as simple as exercising every day and watching what you eat more people would succeed at it and no one would need advice from people like me. Your mental and emotional attitude have so much more to do with your physical state than most people realize. Even people who give lip service to this notion don’t take it completely seriously.

For me, my biggest struggles have not been related to exercise. I love workouts. I love lifting weights. I love running. I love throwing in a Tony Horton or Shaun T disk and pushing myself to nail the program. That part is exceptionally easy for me. It took a while, but getting to understand what I can and cannot eat and how much has become something I can manage most of the time pretty well too, but negative self-talk, and taking my sleep habits as seriously as the others I’ve adopted is a continual struggle.

I fight the idea that if I go to sleep I’m going to miss out on something, or that if I stay up another hour I’ll be able to somehow accomplish something I didn’t get done in the prior 16 hours of the day. When I do get these things under control I make huge progress. Not only that, but I am actually content.

I look in the mirror and I’m ok with the middle-aged guy who mysteriously stares back at me when I get enough rest and tame the self-limiting thoughts. If you’re not making progress, or you feel like you don’t know where to start, sleep and a better inner narrative might just be the ticket.

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