Living? What is it anymore?

I’ve never really found the web all that compelling. Old friends of mine will recall me referring to the WWW as “slow TV” back in the late 90’s. I still see it that way.

Social media has made it somewhat more interesting. But also more infuriating.

Last week I saw people who I consider good friends and loved ones post status updates to Facebook that made me profoundly sad; Posts about hating interactions with real people in the meat world.

Social media turns us all into narcissists. Look at me, look at me! Look at the interesting stuff I’m doing! Look at the pain I’m experiencing! Look at the things I broadcast that I’m too shy or uncomfortable actually talking to anyone about. Look at the version of myself I want to be the real version of me!

Keith Olbermman regularly mocks people caught on camera at major sporting events who are sitting in a prime seat where they might be able to see amazing athletic feats being performed (that they’ve obviously paid top dollar for) who are absorbed in their phones by saying “World’s out here, pal.” And the world is out here, wherever you are. The world is not happening on TV, on your tablet, your laptop or your smartphone.

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