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P90X3 May Challenge Pack SpecialTurboFire May Challenge Pack special

Another two great programs are on sale this month. P90X3 and TurboFire.

I am in my final week of P90X3 and it’s a killer program. If you’ve thought about doing P90X (and honestly, who hasn’t sat there in front of their TV late at night, seen the infomercial and thought “that looks cool” or “I wonder if I could do that?”) but are concerned about time or difficulty P90X3 is the perfect starting point. If you’ve done P90X and you need a shorter workout, X3 is the one. Every workout is 30 minutes long. And you need minimal equipment and space to get it done.

TurboFire is another great program, especially for people who love intense cardio workouts. Chalene’s TurboFire program uses HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) principles to amp up your metabolism and get your body to burn fat more quickly and in a more sustained way than traditional cardio programs. Plus you get the human energizer bunny, Chalene Johnson, to lead you through the workouts.

By ordering the challenge pack you get the program of your choice plus Shakeology at a steep discount. Why Shakeology? Because if you’re going to work your body hard doing P90X3 or TurboFire you will need to make sure your nutrition is dialed in completely. Shakeology fills the gaps in your nutrition. I eliminated a whole shelf of supplements from my life when I started using it. It also helps that it tastes great.

Get your program today.

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