On any given day I will log on to Facebook and rapidly be confronted with a post from someone who is complaining. I do it too. Heck, I did it a few days ago when i was annoyed that I had to spend most of my day doing work I regard as administrative busy-work – stuff that someone requires me to do but that doesn’t actually seem to impact any aspect of my job, my boss’s job, his boss’s job or really anyone else within the entire company. I’ll never complain about doing actual, productive work, but this kind of stuff always chafes my hide.

There are, however, some folks who never share anything but complaints. They hate their jobs. They are disappointed in their significant other. They’re vaguely dissatisfied or outright angry all the time.

That’s sad. Why? Because life is amazing.

Here’s some nsfw examples from Louis CK –

Obviously, on my list I would add that I get to laugh my ass off because of Louis CK, or Patton Oswalt, or Lewis Black or Sarah Silverman. I get to listen to AC/DC…

Speaking of which – perspective. You think your life is rough? Malcom Young had a stroke and can’t play the guitar anymore. Malcom, Greatest Rhythm Guitar Player Ever, Young can’t play the guitar anymore.

Somewhere out there someone is saying, “So what, he’s old and disgustingly rich now.” So what? Musicians need to play music. I guarantee you there is no one out there who plays an instrument who does it for the money. For one, there are better and more efficient ways of making money. We pick up the guitar, or haul a pile of drums into nasty, smokey, stinky, sticky night clubs because it makes us feel whole and worthwhile. And yeah, Malcom Young doesn’t have to do that anymore. But doing big concert tours is just a different kind of grind. This is a man who can no longer do what he loves. Think about that the next time you’re about to post a complaint about the line at Jack In The Box being too long.

More perspective – two of my friends have cancer. One has recently gotten the all-clear after over a year of treatment. Sounds great, right? But the treatment was brutal, and he’ll spend the rest of the next year or so recovering from that. The other has just finished her pre-surgery chemo and is doing well, but she’s got surgery, recovery and post-surgical chemo still to endure.

I’ve been known to whinge about losing my hair, but at least it happened because my grandfather left me shitty genes and not because chemotherapy drugs killed off all the fast-growing cells in my body. Oh, and my hair loss has never included my eyebrows, or the hair on my arms. Or elsewhere.

My point, and there is a point to this, is that we are, as they say, what we do most of the time. Every single action you take is the result of a choice. Choose wisely. Habitually complaining warps your perspective on the world. Instead of seeing the good and amazing around you, you see problems. Eventually, you’ll look for them to keep your complaining tank full.

Try to remember how unbelievably lucky you are. Be grateful for the things in your life that are good and joyful.

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