Early season blues…

Baseball season is bumming me out again this year.

A quick check of the standings shows utter predictability. The first place teams as of this evening are:

AL East – Yankees
AL Central – Tigers
Al West – A’s

NL East – Braves
NL Central – Milwaukee
NL West – Dodgers


The only interesting thing going on there is Milwaukee leading the NL Central. I’d give a small fortune to see pretty much any team other than the Cardinals lead that division (provided I had a small fortune), but my hope that this is sustainable is meager. Barring injury or random stupidity, the Cards will be back in first by mid-season, mark my words.

Those who know me will be stunned and/or horrified that I’m not thrilled to see the A’s and Dodgers leading their respective divisions. Do not get me wrong, as a fanboy this is wondrous. And honestly, nothing will make my summer more fun than sparring with my Giants-fan friends over a see-saw race between the G-Men and the Bums, but again, this is utterly, totally predictable.

The Dodgers spent a metric ass-ton of money on talent. If they weren’t in first place I’d be astonished and horrified. And the A’s flatly outclass their competition in the AL West. The Angels have some impressive bats and arms, but they also have a propensity for injury that will haunt them all season. The Rangers have Ron Washington, but I contend that letting Michael Young go (and subsequently retire) was a huge mistake. Never underestimate the impact that a guy like Young has on a clubhouse. As for the rest of the AL West… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Robinson Cano? Hahahahahahahahaha! *snork* *guffaw*

Seriously. Seattle is doomed. Houston is comical. The A’s do not have to compete with four other teams in their division. If they beat the Angels and the Rangers consistently this season they own the AL West.

About the only other interesting thing going on in the American League is how mediocre everyone seems to be. Detroit will win the division, but they’ll have to fight off Kansas City to do it, and that’s somewhat surreal. If the A’s only have to beat two teams, the Tigers only need to beat one. What’s odd is that they aren’t already leaving that one team in the dust. The less said about the horrid money orgy that is the AL East, the better. It feels weird saying this on the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, but – screw you Red Sox!

Really, I’m ok with anyone but the Sox winning the AL East. If I’m sick of the Cards I’m doubly sick of the Red Sox.

In the NL East the Nationals and Braves will beat each other senseless all season, but the Braves will win because, well, they aren’t in D.C., where the curse lives on.

My point though is that this same story, or a variation on it, keeps playing out season after season and it’s getting dull. Honestly, the only thing interesting going on in MLB right now is the epic twin cock-ups that are the new instant replay rule (and the fact that you can have a traffic jam at the eleventy-billion dollar replay facility Bud Selig and his harem of nitwits built in New York), and the sheer idiocy that is the collision at the plate rule. Here’s a news flash – when the rules of the game get more attention than the game itself, you’ve screwed the pooch.

I love baseball. I love watching the game whenever I can, but I’m beyond uninterested in the standings and game outcomes right now, and this is pretty much how I have reacted to the first couple of months of the past four seasons. I’m guessing I’m not alone.

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