Truly a Monday…

Today was a test.

Yesterday I learned that the social media gods were frowning upon me. I’ve been put into a timeout on Facebook because someone objected to either the quantity or content of my posts in a group I belong to. I’m not going to go into the level frustration I feel about the fact that FB does this without warning you, without asking for your input or doing much of anything to investigate the validity of the complaint. Complaint received = 30 day suspension.

This creates a number of problems for me in administering the fitness and nutrition challenge groups I’m running or soon to start that use Facebook groups as their platform. Sux. But what am I going to do? Demand a refund on the non-existent fee I pay to use Facebook?

What it does is make me aware that focusing too much of my efforts in this business on one social media platform is a recipe for disaster. Yesterday I was fatalistic about the whole thing. I said “I’ll just use this time as a chance to invest more time into other platforms,” and I will do that. But today I felt butt hurt about the whole thing.

I don’t like to go along with the whole “I hate Mondays” crowd. That’s silly and arbitrary. It’s just a day. Today really felt like a “Monday” though. My better half is not feeling well. My daughter was not feeling well. I had a vendor lunch at work (Message to all well-meaning business development folks – if you want to talk business, let’s get coffee sometime. When I’m in a restaurant I want to focus on the dining experience, not talk about work). I could go on and on. Regardless of the name of the day, today was a difficult one.

I got some things done though. I got my workout in. I got a couple of really nice hugs from my wife and kiddo and my dog was happy to see me.

Sometimes you just have to keep pushing play.

Well, what did you think?

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