A little bit of fantasy…

I love superhero movies. I AM the target demographic for movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Saw it today with the family and some friends. It was great. Exciting, involving and just a lot of fun. If you like this sort of thing, get out there and see it.

I’ll let you in on a little secret – I owe my drive to become fitter and stronger to Iron Man. Seriously. I saw Iron Man and looked at Robert Downey, Jr. and said to myself – “If that guy can look that fit, so can I.”

Of course that was before I knew the amount of work that someone like RDJ, Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth puts into preparing for these parts. But for ages I had this photo of RDJ from Iron Man where he’s wearing a tank top and pounding a big hammer on an anvil and that was my motivation for doing lots and lots of pull-ups, figuring out how to eat better and actually even stepping up my game fashion-wise.

In one sense these kinds of fantasies are healthy because they give us a way to channel our enthusiasm for working out. Ultimately though I’m pretty glad I realized that movie star beefcake doesn’t necessarily mean fitness. I read an interview with RDJ after Iron Man 3 came out last summer in which he was pretty candid about how deprived he is all the time. He’s got a full-time staff that monitors his nutrition (or lack thereof, as the case may be) and a personal trainer who works with him several hours per day. I don’t know about you, but I think if I had a Scrooge McDuck style vault of millions of dollars to swim in I’d probably not have a lot of interest in spending several hours a day doing rope swings or “cleanses”.

I think I enjoy being a superhero in my own mind more than being a real one anyway. Steve Rogers took a pretty severe pounding fighting the Winter Soldier (and half of SHIELD) in this movie. I’d rather heroically play with my daughter, take my dog for a walk or sweep my lovely wife off her feet on a date.

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