April specials…

T25 Challenge PackBrazil Butt Lift Challenge Pack

Beachbody has these two great programs on sale in the month of April.

I completed T25 myself this past fall and it was a killer program. If you like to move you’ll love anything Shaun T throws at you, and his enthusiasm and spirit is infectious.

10 weeks. 5 days a week. 25 minutes per workout, and with this offer you save over $95 over what you’d spend if you were to buy T25 and Shakeology separately.

Brazil Butt Lift is another great program, led by Leandro Carvalho, who trains supermodels for a living (that guy has it rough). This is a fantastic program for people who are fond of latin dancing and latin dance-style workout programs. It’s called a Butt Lift, but it will work your whole body.

Buy purchasing this challenge pack you save $70 compared to what it would cost you to buy the program and Shakeology separately.

So, why should you get Shakeology? Because it tastes great, it’s made with superior ingredients and it will make sure your nutrition is strong and balanced and your body has what it needs to get you through these workouts and the rest of your day.

Click the either picture above to order now.

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