I haven’t done a workout check-in for a while. I stopped doing daily posts about my workouts because I was getting bored with writing them. I figure if it bores me to write it, it’s going to be soul-crushingly boring to read. There also wasn’t much story to tell while I was doing transition week. Sure, recovery and rest is super important. No doubt about that, but writing about stretching, mobility and flexibility…*snore*.

As of today I am precisely at the mid-point in P90X3. This second phase of the program has brought some new challenges, some new (and deliciously dreadful) Tony Horton jokes, and a real sense of accomplishment.

I mean, it’s not just that I have worked my tail off and felt myself getting obviously stronger, more flexible, etc. I also managed to kill a Fitbit Flex. I’m not kidding. During the MMX workout last Friday I perspired so profusely that I shorted out a device specifically designed to be worn by people engaged in fitness activities. I looked at my wife and said, “Wow, I’m a huge sweaty mess.” Then I went to tap on my Flex and see how it had registered the workout and it was dead.

I’ll take this chance to mention that the folks at Fitbit were as baffled as I was, and their customer service department is awesome. Without missing a beat they shipped me a replacement, since their device shorting out from sweat clearly isn’t part of their promise to their customers.

I’m digging P90X3 a lot. I really look forward to the workouts each day. And 30 minutes… Who can’t do 30 minutes?

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