Workout – 2/18/14

Today was P90X3 Agility X.

I put my strips of tape down on the floor, marked my 3 x’s on each strip and went at it.

That’s all you can do.

There’s one thing that’s true of any workout program Tony Horton puts together – you ain’t gonna be able to do most of it very well. That’s the point. If you can put this DVD in your player and nail every move, well, you’re an elite-level athlete with some serious skills. I also have no idea why you’re doing P90X3.

Lots of people though seem to have trouble with this whole concept. They get genuinely upset that they can’t do the majority of the moves.

Color me baffled. If you thought you were an athletic badass, why did you buy a home workout program? And if you know you’ve got room for improvement, why does it bother you… all alone in your house… when you are challenged by the workouts?

You’re here to sweat and challenge your muscles, your reflexes, your coordination and your commitment to yourself.

Keep. Pushing. Play.

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