Workout – 2/17/14

Back on the horse again. (Actually, I got back on in a big way on Saturday by doing a double).

Today’s workout was Total Synergistics from X3. This was the last time I’ll do this workout for a month or so, since this is the final active week of the first block of P90X3. Next week is recovery week and after that a totally different set of workouts for block 2. In block 3 we’ll mix and match, so Total Syn will be back.

Gotta say, this hasn’t been my favorite. I appreciate the design of it, and I feel the improvements (and have seen them in my workout logs) but I think I would get more out of this particular program if it were longer.

Heresy! I know. X3 is specifically about 30 minute workouts, and that’s great, but this one ends up leaving me wanting more. Just as we are finishing up I’m ready for more.

See how insane this stuff makes me? 😉

Keep. Pushing. Play.

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