The schedule is not all-important…

I took a break today.

Not just a rest & recovery day, but a total break. Work was busy, I had a lunch meeting with an old friend and I needed to make dinner for the family for Valentine’s Day. May not sound like much, but it was enough that if I’d tried to squeeze one more thing in something would have suffered for it.

When I first did P90X I got totally hung up over the calendar. “It’s a 90 day workout program and if I don’t stay on schedule I won’t finish in 90 days!!!!!” That’s what ran through my head. Hogswaddle. Total, unmitigated, hogswaddle.

If you miss several days then sure, you need to re-evaluate and figure out how to get back in the groove, but dropping a day because something came up is no big deal. It doesn’t matter if you finish P90X or P95X. Finishing is important.

Now, that said, my plan to get back on track is made easier by the shorter workouts in X3. Tomorrow I plan to double up and do both CVX and the The Warrior. It’s a Saturday, and that’s only one hour. I should be able to accomplish it.

Sometimes being a dad and a husband is more important than the calendar taped to the fridge.

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