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Due to the issues that BeachBody has had with the overwhelming demand for 21-Day Fix, the company has decided to accelerate their planned offer of special Les Mills Combat Challenge Packs from March into February.

If you’re in the market for a kick-ass cardio workout, and you love MMA style moves, kickboxing and going for that after burn in a workout, Combat is for you. Here’s the skinny:

LES MILLS COMBAT is a 60-day program that combines MMA-inspired workouts with high intensity interval training to get you lean and ripped like no other program out there. LES MILLS COMBAT is based on a combination of 6 martial arts, boxing, kickboxing/muay thai, tae kwon do, capoeira, karate, and jiu-jitsu – whose moves are specially combined for the ultimate total body fat loss and body shaping benefits. The workout you get from this specific combination training gets you even fitter, leaner, and in better shape than you’ve ever imagined.

LES MILLS COMBAT is an explosive mixed martial arts-inspired body transformation program that will help rip, shred, and lean you out for unparalleled results. Blending dynamic martial arts-inspired training with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), LES MILLS COMBAT pushes your body far beyond where it’s ever been before. You’ll punch, kick, and strike your way to the biggest adrenaline rush-and your best body ever-in just 60 days! Beachbody and Les Mills International have teamed up once again to bring you a high-octane workout program based on the immensely popular BODYCOMBAT gym classes taught in 80 countries around the world, with expert trainers, chart topping music-and muscle-shredding results.

Your LES MILLS COMBAT workouts are led by two mixed martial arts (MMA) experts, Dan Cohen and Rachael Newsham. Dan has black belts in kickboxing and Lau Gar Chinese boxing and won the 1996 British Masters kickboxing competition. Rachael is a master trainer with exclusive education from a Wing Chun Kung Fu school, as well as muay thai training in Thailand.

This is the same program that’s taught in gyms all over the world, bundled into a 60 day program you can do in your own living room.

With this special offer you get the full 60-day Combat program, plus a 30-day supply of Shakeology to help dial in your nutrition. This is a great deal, but time is limited, so place your order now.

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