Workout – 2/11/14

Stupid cough report – thank you kindly medicine-man for providing me with sleep elixir. I felt much better today and hardly coughed at all. Yay. Perhaps I shall be human again.

Would have been nice if the rest of today had cooperated with this new, non-sucking, world order. Alas, it did not.

But one must push play. And so I did.

Tonight’s workout (because really, who am I kidding, I need many more of the planets to align properly before I actually get to exercise while the sun is up) was Agility X from P90X3.

I lit upon a new description for this workout. Take two strips of tape, each about 3 feet long, and lay them on your floor at least 3 feet apart. Then spend the next 30 minutes running and jumping around them, using them as targets and try not to puke.

Granted, this is no Plyo X from P90X (which did actually induce a bucket moment or two when I first did it), but this one will sneak up on you and kick your behind. I know I grabbed my knees at least twice.

Keep. Pushing. Play.

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