Workout – 2/10/14

One. Of. Those. Days.

Finally got myself to the doctor to deal with this cough I’ve been struggling with for a little over two weeks. I’ve got really messed up sinuses, and about once a year I will get a cold that transmographies itself into a relentless, endless case of post-nasal drip-induced coughing. You’d think that since I’ve been dealing with this in one way or another for about 15 years that I’d know that it won’t go away on its own. I don’t. So it was up to my loving wife (who was really sick of me waking her up with my coughing) to prod me into making an appointment to see my doctor.

So, what did the doc have to say? You have very inflamed sinuses. Saline rinse, nasal spray, Claritin and lots of fluids… oh, and here’s a script for some cough syrup so you can sleep. Yup.

Anyway, still got my workout in. P90X3 Total Synergistics.

Gotta say, still not my favorite Tony Horton workout. I get it, but I sorta don’t. Maybe this one will click with me next week. For now, glad it’s done. Onward.

Keep. Pushing. Play.

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