Why ruin a party?

Super Bowl Diet Tips: Eat Like a Damn Man! | be Legendary.

I spent the last two days thinking of ways to write pretty much this exact post by Chad Howse. Now he’s gone and saved me the trouble.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Don’t be Captain Bringdown at the birthday party who stands there waving away every delicious treat offered to him because you’re eating healthier. First, you make every single person in the room self-conscious. Second, you take the spotlight away from whoever’s birthday is being celebrated, because the freak who is not joining the celebration is, basically, way more interesting than the birthday boy/girl.

Obviously, if you’ve got food sensitivities or allergies, take care of yourself. But, as Chad says, one day ain’t no thang. The problem, the reason we Americans have gotten so tubby, is not because we have wings on Super Bowl Sunday. It’s because we eat like we’re celebrating something special when all that’s going on is everyday life. Treats and celebrations are fine. Indulging oneself every now and then is human. Having dessert every day is a problem. Pigging out because you’re bored is a problem.

So, enjoy the Super Bowl, folks. And like Chad says, take damage control steps on Monday and you’ll be fine.

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