No magic bullet…

Tony Horton did an Ask Me Anything on Reditt today. This quote was awesome:

I see a lot of questions in regards to the Ketogenic diets. I am a big picture guy, so I try to keep things simple, my focus is different. I don’t eat one thing and avoid another with the hope that it’s going to burn more fat. I don’t have the patience for it. I train super hard 6 days a week, focus on getting better, stronger, faster, and more flexible. And I eat like a beast. Paleolithic meals, vegan meals, vegetarian meals, Flexetarian, mexican, italian. I just stay away from processed crap, fast food junk and try to avoid food made in a factory. High fiber, highly nutritious, whole, GMO free, foods that my great great great grand parents would recognize, nuff said about that.

I love this so much because it is a message I have tried to distill myself several times. For most people there will never be a magic bullet that will transform their health and body composition. Some people do have sensitivities and allergies that when revealed, and those foods eliminated, will cause major changes. For most people though, nope.

The #1 problem with the SAD (Standard American Diet) is simply that we eat too much stuff that resembles food that is not actually food. The #2 problem is that we eat too much and move too little. If you are as active as Tony Horton is you need a lot of food to maintain that fitness level, so overeating isn’t usually a problem.

Want to lose weight and get in better shape? Eat real food and be as active as you possibly can be. I guarantee you that when you’re sitting in a rocker reflecting on your life when you’re 90 that you will not regret having spent time running, playing, walking or exploring the world around you. The best TV show in the world, the greatest internet post does not even begin to compare to your actual life that you live out in the world.

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