Workout – 1/24/14

And the home stretch is reached.

Today was P.A.P. Lower from P90X2 for the last time in this go-round of X2. I say this go-round because I know I will revisit this program again at some point in the future. P90X2 is tough. Its focus on core strength, stability and balance was hard to get into at first, but now that I’m almost at the end I completely and utterly get it.

Tony Horton says it repeatedly throughout the DVDs – this is about athletic performance. Anyone can pick up a weight and put it down. Anyone can work their way into doing pull-ups, or even some plyometrics, but balance, stability and core strength pull those things together to make something much greater.

Gee, maybe they should hire me to do an infomercial. 😉

In all seriousness, I’ve really enjoyed this three-month (and change, due to unexpected flu and food poisoning – don’t eat oysters in an unfamiliar restaurant, just sayin’), trip through humility and accomplishment.

Tomorrow is P.A.P. Upper, and then I’m into my final recovery week. Brought it.

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