Workout – 1/18/14

Late posting this. Busy day yesterday, and a date night with the missus. Priorities, folks. 😉

Yesterday’s workout was P90X2 P.A.P. Upper. I’ve really learned to love this one, in spite of (or possibly because of) 36 towel pull-ups. My goal for next week is to get that up to 40, and to get the full 60 seconds on each med-ball plank. I mentioned the last time I did this workout that while I can do a plank with my feet on the ground for up to 5 minutes without too much trouble, doing 60 seconds with my feet on the medicine ball was brutal. I improved a lot since the first run-through of P.A.P. Upper this past week, but I’m still not at the full 60 for each round. The only other target I’ve got for this coming week is to increase my weights on renegade rows and step-up hammer press.

This coming week will be my final active week of P90X2. After that I’ll have a full week of recovery before moving on to my next program.

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