File this under, “This is why you’re fat.”

USDA Chart of American Food Purchases vs. Recommendations

Take a look at this chart and let it soak in.

The yellow lines are what you’re actually eating, America. The red lines are the recommendations from the USDA. Considering that most actual experts on nutrition think the USDA recommendations are fairly pathetic to begin with, this is grim.

To sum up, you’re getting the majority of your calories from refined grains, added sugars and beverages. You might be a bit confused about the beverages thing, so here’s a point of reference: human beings are the only creatures on earth that obtain any calories from drinking them beyond infancy.

Here’s a couple of examples of how you’re drinking your calories: soda and fruit juice.

When I started learning what I was doing wrong with my nutrition in order to lose the 50 extra pounds I was carrying around, get my blood pressure under control and deal with the myriad of other health issues I was experiencing one of the revelations I had to face up to was about fruit juice. I drank tons of orange juice. Tons. I thought it was good for me. When I stopped doing that I immediately started to lose weight.

What was going on there? Isn’t orange juice good for you? Turns out, not so much. Oranges are good for you, but orange juice takes away all the fiber that makes the fruit a complete food and leaves behind mostly just sugar. Sure, it’s naturally occurring fructose, but sugar is sugar folks. And while naturally occurring sugars aren’t as dreadful as added refined sugar, once it’s in your bloodstream it causes an insulin response, and over time that will make you less insulin sensitive, which can lead to obesity and even diabetes. By cutting the gallons of orange juice I drank each week as a substitute for other healthier choices I corrected my insulin sensitivity, which accelerated my weight loss.

The other problem made apparent by this chart are all of the good and healthy foods that people in this country are not eating – like green veggies and whole fruits.

The simple summary here is this – Americans eats lots of bad stuff, and not very much good stuff. Not hard to see why we have an obesity epidemic and a preponderance of lifestyle diseases.

Thanks to IO9 for the graphic. Here’s the link to their original story:

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