Fitbit Force Is An Amazing Device, Except For My Contact Dermatitis – Consumerist.

Forgive the potential overshare, but I’ve had my share of contact dermatitis. Worst case ever was on vacation in Hawaii about 9 years ago. I bought a new pair of sandals for the beach and my skin just did not like them. Mix in some high humidity, sunscreen, sand and salt water and my feet looked, well, not a lot like feet. On tour in 1995 a bracelet mixed with lots of perspiration from a non-air conditioned van during 1 million hour drives across the deserts of the Southwestern US and Texas created a rash the likes of which almost got me ejected from the band. To put it bluntly, I’ve got sensitive skin.

So, I’m a bit baffled by this story about the Fitbit Force causing contact dermatitis in some people. I’ve been wearing a Fitbit Flex since mid-December and had absolutely no issues. One would think that if there was a problem with the band material (which is identical to that used in the Force) I’d have my own problems. But no, my skin is clear and lovely (or as clear and lovely as middle-aged rock guy skin gets).

The one difference between the two devices is their size. The brains of the Flex are encased in a tiny little pea, and barely any of it pokes out of the hole in the back of the band. I suppose the Force, since the device itself is larger, may be exposed more on the inside of the band. Bummer for Fitbit if that’s the case. Their products are good and extremely easy to use. I’d hate to see this derail the adoptions of these devices.

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