Workout – 1/11/14

Today’s workout is called “Painting The BedroomX.”

I spent about six hours today moving furniture, removing various screws and nails from the walls, scraping out old wallpaper, sanding and prepping for a dramatic repainting of our bedroom. Then, just for shits and giggles, I actually started the painting.

So, how is that a workout? Well, if my trade was house painter, it wouldn’t be, but since my work doesn’t involve this much pushing, pulling, twisting and lifting, it totally and completely was a workout. Piling on P.A.P. Upper, which is what was on the X2 schedule, would have just been overdoing it.

As it is, my lower back is sore, so I’ll be hauling out the foam roller as soon as I get done writing this post because I’ve got a full day of painting and hanging new curtains ahead of me tomorrow.


Keep pushing play, everyone.

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