Workout – 1/10/14

This one almost didn’t happen.

I was on call for jury duty today AND my kid was sick with a fever. All hail my wonderful wife for helping me to get a workout in.

Today was P.A.P. Lower from P90X2. This was my second time through this particular workout, so I was lot more comfortable with the moves, selected my weights in the resistance portion more intelligently and just all around brought it more.

I was a little worried about getting bored with the workouts in this final phase of X2, because it’s P.A.P. Lower and Upper with Yoga and Recovery & Mobility sandwiched in between for a month, but today’s workout made me realize that this is the perfect opportunity to master the form, pick the right weights and really be able to challenge myself.

Of course, we’ll see how I feel on week three. 😉

Hope you got some activity in today. Have a great Friday night and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

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