Workout – 1/9/14

Today is Recovery & Mobility day. P90X2 has a DVD to lead you through this, but after doing it a couple of times I realized that I really didn’t need to follow along. The point of the DVD is just to get you to understand how to work with a foam roller and what sorts of stretching to do to deal with your tight spots.

I’m pretty aware of my tight spots and how to know where my body needs me to foam roll. I came into X2 after having worked with a physical therapist on some back and neck issues that I’d had a few years ago, and used the foam roller extensively to work on my hot spots then.

If you’ve never worked with a foam roller, or taken time to work on your flexibility, you probably want to figure out how to do that. As Tony Horton puts it, working with a foam roller is like getting a massage, except you can do it yourself and it doesn’t cost upwards of $100. You can pick up a foam roller at just about any sporting goods store these days. Amazing how things change in the fitness industry. When I got mine I had to buy it from my physical therapist. Now they even sell the fancy “rumble roller” type at Sports Authority.

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