Workout – 1/8/14

Today was yoga day.

See, I practice what I preach. 😉

Originally scheduled was P90X2 Yoga, but the day got a little past me, and I’ve been itching to try one of the workouts from the new P90X3, so I subbed in X3 Yoga instead.

What’s the difference? Well, several. The most obvious is that X3 Yoga is 30 minutes start to finish, while X2 Yoga is a 65 minute program. The bigger, more noticeable difference to me though was that X3 Yoga flows much better than X2 Yoga.

What I was surprised at though was that X3 Yoga actually seemed to work me harder and challenge me more than the X2 variety. So I may just stick with X3 for my yoga days from here on out.

Gotta work on my bendy, Gumby-ness.

Keep pushing play, everyone.

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