Ugh, just ugh…

Losing Weight For The New Year – From CBS Boston.

^^^^^ This bums me out.

Not because it’s an article about how the battle against obesity in America is going badly, but because it’s so transparently written to promote advertisers to the station/network and it’s so poorly researched as to be a joke. What happened to news outlets that actually did reporting?

So, the teensy bits of facts you get from this story are:

1) Only about 25% of dieters stuck with their diet’s last year.

2) Weight Watchers sells the #1 diet plan.

Ugh. The rest of the article is about Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem. I’m guessing because someone was worried that if they only talked about Weight Watchers it would look too much like an ad. And really, was the resident personal finance expert the perfect person to get the assignment for this article? Seriously? You don’t have a medical writer on your staff? Not even as a freelancer?

Oh, wait, I get it. A doctor would probably have refused to write this article because she would know that DIETS DON’T WORK.

Why do only 25% of people stick with their “diet” after the new year? Because dieting is a terrible idea. Weight Watchers works because it holds people accountable. You get weighed and measured by a counselor and are encouraged to participate in a group that’s losing weight together. Those are time-honored techniques for weight loss success.

You know what’s a time-honored technique for life-long fitness and health? Not dieting. Diets are temporary changes. Temporary changes will get temporary results. If you want permanent, positive results you need to make permanent, positive changes. That’s going to take some soul-searching and serious self-awareness. You need to be brutally honest with yourself about which habits you’ve got that caused your health to decline, and very serious about changing those habits for good.

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