Workout – 1/6/14

Today’s workout was P90X2 P.A.P. Lower. P.A.P. stands for Post-Activation Potentiation, and the idea behind this workout is that it ramps you up so hard that you get a significant post-workout calorie burn.

I don’t know about all that hoo ha, but I do know this was one tough sucker of a workout. After a pretty vigorous warm-up you go into 4 rounds of 4 exercises each, without a break until a short one minute breather before starting another 4 rounds of 4 different exercises, called Complexes, with all of them focused on working your lower body. Then you finish it off with a cool down and some neuro-integrated stretching.

There’s plyometrics, some resistance work and some pretty tough flexibility work in each Complex. I know that I was a sweaty, sweaty mess at the end and that my heart rate was really high throughout. I felt great though. I’m curious to see if I’m sore tomorrow, because all I’ve felt since completing the workout was energized and great.

This was my first workout in the final phase of X2, and I’m now really looking forward to checking out P.A.P. Upper tomorrow.

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