Workout – 1/3/14

Took a break from blogging yesterday so I could tend to other aspects of the world. I did get my workout in though.

Yesterday’s workout was P90X2 Yoga. I know, I already harangued you about how you need to be doing yoga on Thursday. Well, suck it up buttercup. You need to be doing yoga.

What’s the big deal? Balance.

Balance is a product of muscle coordination. To maintain your balance you need not only physical strength, but neurological fitness. Our muscles work under the control of your brains. How well that goes is the result of practice. The more the neural pathways that send the nerve impulses from the brain to our muscles are used the better the mind/body connection.

Elderly people are assumed to be weak because their muscles get weaker with age. That’s not really the case. Lack of use causes the neural pathways to degrade. Older people are usually weak not because of worn out muscles but because they’ve lost the ability to control their muscles due to lack of use. I’ve seen painful examples of what happens to the body when the connection to the mind degrades in relatively young people due to brain injury or tumors.

By practicing yoga you are stimulating those neural connections, keeping them active and ensuring that the other activities you’re doing will pay off.

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