Today’s workout – 1/1/14

Today’s workout really isn’t a workout at all. P90X2 puts a big emphasis on rest and recovery, and today is Recovery & Mobility day.

So, what does that mean? It means I got to get busy with my foam roller, and boy did I need it. Somehow, last night, during the epic rock jams I participated in I managed to pull something out of whack and woke up with a pinched nerve. The pain was centered right above the back side of my left hip. So, I got down on the floor and rolled that sucker out something fierce. In fact, I’ll do some more as soon as I’m done posting this update.

If I could give one piece of advice to people doing workout programs, or even following a home-brewed program it would be to rest and recover more. Muscle doesn’t grow and your body doesn’t get stronger unless you give it time and space to rebuild from the damage your workouts (and everyday living) inflict on it. Sleep is a huge component of this, but taking a couple of days a week to focus on active recovery, with a little walking, maybe a gentle swim, an easy bike ride, some yoga, some stretching or some foam rolling, will move your progress along much more than most people realize.

I see it all too often: Someone is wound up about getting in a daily workout, they are seeing good progress and they think “Hey, what if I double up? What if I do a lot more?” Most of the time, they get injured or sick or both. At best they’ll slow their progress.

So build some recovery time into your program, if it’s not already a part of what you’re doing. And if it is part of what you’re doing, don’t skip or skimp on them. You need it.

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