New Years’ Resolution Countdown: 1

Well, here we are. It’s 2014. Welcome to the new year.

A few people have asked me why my new years’ resolution countdown didn’t end yesterday. Simple really – last night was a big night, and for most of us rest and recovery was the order of the day today. So, why not start seriously attacking our goals on January 2nd.

If you started today, then great. Awesome.

My last tip for helping you to not suck at achieving your goals? Be kind to yourself.

Seriously, instead of beginning this year’s voyage by beating yourself up about all the things that you’re not happy with about yourself, show yourself some love. And for the rest of the year, as you progress through this journey, focus on what you’ve done well instead of what you’ve failed to do.

If you focus on your failures, on the ways in which you’re not succeeding you will inevitably get discouraged. You’ll make excuses for why it’s too hard, slack off and eventually give up. But if you focus on your successes, the day to day things that went right, you can build on those.

You may also find that you’ll start seeing the rest of the world through the same lens. Instead of seeing all the ways in which other people are letting you down, or failing to live up to your expectations, you might start to see all the ways the people around you show you love and charity.

Have a great 2014 everyone.

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