Today’s workout – 12/31/13

Got my workout in today. Today was P90X2 Plyocide.

Plyocide is a plyometric workout (some folks call it “jump training”) that involves a whole lot of jumping around. How Plyocide differs from the PlyoX workout in P90X is that it adds in balance moves that challenge your core strength as well as your ability to hop around like a jumping bean for 55 minutes.

When I did P90X, PlyoX was the workout that did me in every time. Plyocide is a little be less demanding, but still very, very challenging. When I finish up X2 my plan is to go back and slip that PlyoX disk in from P90X and see how Plyocide may have improved my abilities. Should be an interesting little test and I’m sure to post about it here.

Anyway, off to go ring in the new year with my lovely wife. Be safe and have a good one, folks.

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