New Years’ Resolution Countdown: 4

Yesterday I wrote about those close to us being discouraging or unsupportive. With 4 days left before the new year begins I thought today I’d touch on things that can boost your morale when you need it.

The nature of my work is such that I’m traveling around from location to location several times a week. The people I support at work are scattered over a pretty wide geographical area at nearly a hundred different locations. So, I don’t usually see these folks regularly. I might not see some of them more than once a year.

When I was in the midst of progressing from flabby to fabby (ooh, that’s bad, I think I’ll trademark it), I was at one of my stores and the store manager stopped me as I was doing an inspection and pulled me aside to ask, “Man, what are you doing? You look great.” I was caught totally flat-footed. At that point no one had really remarked at all about any progress I had made. But this guy, who I hadn’t seen in nearly 8 months, noticed a big change in me immediately. Why? Precisely because he hadn’t seen me in a long time.

You see yourself in the mirror every day. Your family, close friends and immediate co-workers also probably see you just about every day. Weight loss and improved fitness are gradual things, and unless your clothes are falling off of you it’s unlikely that anyone, yourself included, will notice the full scope of the changes your body is going through.

I actually just had this happen again last night. Someone who I’d known well many years ago, who actually had never known any version of me other than the hefty, super-sized one, saw me and asked, “Why are you so skinny?” She didn’t know my story, so she was concerned that I was ill. We’d had a mutual friend pass on due to cancer, so I’m guessing that’s why illness was the first cause that came to mind for her. Once I told her what I’d been doing and why though she was thrilled for me.

So, how do you make this work for you? Well, we all know people we only see occasionally. When you’ve gotten a few months into your program seek some of them out. Some folks won’t say anything, but most are going to say something, usually remarking at how great you look. When you need some encouragement, that can come in handy.

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