New Years’ Resolution Countdown: 7

Wow. Only 7 days until we’re in a new year.

So, we’ve covered three key steps to insuring success with your fitness resolutions so far:

10: Have a strong and meaningful reason why.

9: Set specific, measurable goals, and measure them consistently.

8: Don’t think you need to deprive yourself of indulgences and don’t beat yourself up over a single day or meal.

Today’s tip: Make a firm commitment.

I mentioned this in the first post in this series. You go to work everyday, right? You feed and bathe and care for your kids, right? You show up for doctor’s appointments, I assume? Why?

Because you made a commitment.

You need to make that kind of commitment to yourself. Whether it’s about making time to exercise every day or making your nutrition a priority, you are at least as important as your job, you kids, your spouse and your doctor’s or hairdresser’s appointments.

Over and over again I see people whose health is suffering because they put everyone else on the planet ahead of themselves. This is particularly common for women with children. The belief is “the kids come first.”

Well, no. The kids wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. You come first. You and your spouse are the foundation that the family is built upon. Know what happens if you prioritize the roof construction and maintenance over the construction and maintenance of the foundation of your house? The roof will end up lying on the ground. Take care of yourself first.

Need time to exercise? Put it on the calendar and treat it as if it’s just as important as any other appointment on that calendar. If you’ve got kids or a spouse who are used to you dropping everything to attend to their needs you’re going to get resistance to this. That’s ok. They’ll live. They will adapt and adjust when they realize that you’re serious and aren’t going to budge. You will also find that by putting yourself first your confidence and enjoyment of exercise and nutrition will increase.

In fitness circles you’ll hear all sorts about motivation. Heck, if you go on Pinterest you’ll find board after board devoted to clever, pretty motivational slogans and photos. I’m a firm believer that motivation comes entirely from within. Pretty pictures and clever phrases are not going to get you to work out if you can find something more interesting or rewarding to do with that hour. A GIF on Pinterest isn’t going to convince you to skip that trip to the vending machine. But a serious, heartfelt commitment to your health, your wellness and your goals will.

Exercise every day because that’s what you made a decision and commitment to do. Eat good, whole foods because that’s what you committed yourself to. Put. Yourself. First.

If you’re fit and you’re healthy everything only good can flow from that.

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