Workout – 12/17/13

Today’s workout was P90X2 Plyocide.

What is Plyocide, you say? It’s the X2 version of the Plyometrics workout that was built into the original P90X. Plyometrics is known as “jump training.” A guy named Fred Wilt coined the term after watching Soviet olympic track and field athletes working out in the late 1970s. The idea is to exert as much force as possible in as little time as possible.

If I had to single out one workout in the original P90X as the most effective at humbling you and making you realize your weaknesses, I’d probably single out the Yoga workout first, and then PlyoX. With X2 the Plyocide workout actually seems less humbling because the other workouts in the program involve so much off-balance work.

Anyone in reasonably good shape can do push-ups. Take that same person and have them do those push-ups balancing on four medicine balls and suddenly that reasonable fit person looks like a clumsy oaf.

So, Plyocide works you hard, but it doesn’t humble you the way the other workouts in the program do. It’s almost like a touchpoint, or an old friend you get to do once a week. Well played, Mr. Horton. Well played.

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