BS abounds…

1200 Calories | Sophieologie.

Trying to lose weight/get in better physical condition? You need to read the above linked blog post. Read it about three or four times to make sure it sinks in.

The author has nailed one of my major psychotic hatreds (George Carlin taught me long ago not to have pet peeves. Pet peeves are for little old ladies who live in Indiana. I take things way too seriously not to just flat out hate that which is hate-worthy.), namely – the bountiful amount of useless and potentially dangerous nonsense that is touted as fitness advice. It is everywhere.

And, for the most part, it is directed at women. Why? I really have don’t know for sure, but I have a couple of theories. One is that women in our society are overwhelmed with responsibilities and do not have time to properly process information. They are, therefor, more susceptible to being sold easy and convenient answers to their problems. The second notion is that men are really, really stubborn and fearful of anything that might make them stand out in a crowd. Guys want to be accepted by other guys, so if someone tried to tell them they could get in shape by doing Pilates (which they actually can) they would go lift weights or run, because lifting weights and running are how men get fit.

But, as the author of the linked post points out, very succinctly by the way, strength training is also how women get fit. And there are no two ways about it, if you can pick up a squalling toddler on one hip and bags of groceries with the other arm, which I have seen pretty much every adult woman in the US do, then picking up tiny weights will do absolutely nothing for you.

Likewise, if you eat the way most women who are “dieting” eat you will be weak, angry, frustrated, prone to illness and physically unable to build strength no matter how many hours you put on the elliptical every week. And if you are chronically underfed doing any kind of resistance training will just hurt you.

BS abounds, my dear readers. Don’t fall for it.

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