On Emotional Eating…

Do You Use Food as a Crutch? | Mark's Daily Apple.

Fantasic article from Mark Sisson today regarding emotional eating. I know the key to my own weight loss and improved health was getting a handle on my own emotional eating tendencies.

Mark asks, “Do you use food as a crutch?” Oh, let me count the ways in which I used to do so regularly. I used to reward myself at work for completing something, pretty much anything, by a walk to the vending machine and a Snickers bar. If I was sad, which, honestly, I was a lot of the time, I’d buy a pint or half gallon of ice cream, sit in front of the TV and eat it all.

I abolished those behaviors, but there are some that still linger and that I’d like to fix. If you see me at a party of other social situation I will tend to graze mightily at any and all food left out. Why? Because I’m nervous and uncomfortable and worried about what I might say or not say. Munching mindlessly keeps me busy and generally keeps me out of conversations while I still look like I’m fully participating in the festivities. Getting better about that one, but it’s still a work in progress.

Dr. David Kessler, in his book “The End of Overeating” talks a lot about how processed and packaged foods have been specifically formulated to take advantage of our emotional and psychological relationship with food. Essentially, every packaged snack you can think of has been engineered with fat, salt and sweetness designed to make it a “comfort food.”

Read Mark’s article, and if you have the inclination, get Dr. Kessler’s book and read that too. You can make new habits.

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