Seasonal eating…

The Best Fruits and Vegetables to Eat This Winter | Greatist.

One of the big struggles with nutrition these days is overabundance. Not that long ago if you walked into the grocery store the produce section’s contents would be dictated by what was available locally depending on the time of year. Today everything is available year round.

As a kid, fresh strawberries or tomatoes in December would have caused people to suspect magic or mischief. Today, they’re normal. Of course they are also dreadful and flavorless because those found in our stores in California are picked before they are ripe and flown halfway around the world from areas where it is summer while we’re in mid-winter. They are also nutritionally lacking – unripe fruits shipped in refrigerated containers and sprayed with lord knows what are almost totally lacking in the nutrients you’d find in those same fruits if you grew them seasonally and picked them right off the vine/bush/tree.

If you want to choose the most nutritionally rich foods then you need to shop seasonally. But knowing what’s in season is tough unless you’re a farmer/gardener. The link above should help you out for this winter.

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