P90X3 coming very soon…

I’m a P90X veteran and I’ve been doing P90X2 since mid-October. I can say, with a great deal of confidence, that I will be getting my own copy of X3 and starting up that program as soon as I finish X2 in January.

So, what’s the deal? I’m a natural skeptic. A Doubting Tex, if you will. I saw the ads on cable and even watched a couple of the infomercials in a fit of sleeplessness one night. I can say honestly that I thought to myself “this has to be BS.” So, how did I end up buying my first program then?

Well, I mouthed off about it, with all the knowledge and expertise one accumulates sitting in front of the TV at 2 am watching an infomercial, at one the mother of one of my daughter’s pre-school friends. She gave me this steely-eyed glare and set me straight. I got a quick lesson in humility from someone who had successfully used P90X to drop a lot of post-baby weight and looked pretty dang fit.

I was, at that point, struggling with my own post-baby body (actually, it was a mess before the kid was born, but the nerves and weirdness that accompany new fatherhood certainly didn’t improve things any). I looked BeachBody up online, did some actual research and decided to give it a shot. I was having a hard time staying motivated to get to the gym, and the cycling season was about to end in a rainy washout for a few months, so I placed an order.

Not only did the program actually work, but I became one of those odd creatures who actually looked forward to putting a DVD in and spending an hour each morning with Tony Horton and his corny jokes. I dug it so much I did three rounds, for a total of nine months of P90X. (Ok, addiction can be an ugly thing.)

So, if you’re thinking 30 minutes a day in your living room sounds like something you can do, then get ready to place your order for P90X3 on Monday. You can even buy it from me: http://www.beachbodycoach.com/CoachTexstorm

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