Manners in the weight room…

I just absolutely loved Lou Schuler’s last gripe on his Gym Etiquette list –

Please don’t watch Fox News on the TV in the locker roomAnd if you absolutely have to, please keep the volume down so the rest of us don’t have to listen to it.If you’re part of the target audience, great. I’m glad you’ve found each other. But please show some courtesy to the rest of us.

via Gym Etiquette 201 › Lou Schuler.


Like I’ve said before, as George Carlin said, “I don’t have pet peeves anymore.  I have major psychotic hatreds.”  And I have plenty of them while working out.

  1. Put it away when you’re done with it.
    Done with a dumbbell? Rack it. Finished with a particular grip on the cable station? Put it back on the nifty shelf designed specifically to hold the cable station grips. Done with those plates? Rack them. It’s that bloody simple folks.
  2. Corollary to the above – Put it away in the right spot.
    I really loathe nothing more than walking up to the squat rack and finding all the weight plates mixed up higgledy piggledy, or, better yet, just piled on the floor or leaning randomly against the wall. I don’t even have to wonder what the houses and desks of the men who do this crap look like. I know.
  3. Guys with earphones or headphones on, blaring music so they’re in their own little world who make horrific amounts of noise while lifting.
    I really just cannot figure this one out. Best I can figure, this guy is only convinced he’s actually getting in a good workout if he can hear his own grunts and groans, and in order to do that he has to yell to be heard over his music.
  4. Gym employees who don’t do anything.
    Obviously it would be a better world if everyone tidied up after themselves, but they don’t, which is why Supermegagym has 20 or 30 people working there during busy hours. In theory, these employees should be restocking towels and resetting equipment, but oddly enough the only time I’ve actually seen this happening is when I work out late at night and there’s just a couple of guys working behind the desk.
  5. Frat packing.
    Let me explain – this is when a bunch of young guys, usually a group of four or more, go to the gym to work out together and spend about 10% of their time lifting and 90% of it blocking access to various pieces of equipment while they talk about some “killer party” one of them went to or some other such nonsense. Stop fooling yourselves guys. Skip the meager weight training you’re doing and just go to the bar already.
  6. The Funk Lord.
    This is the guy who never, never, ever, cleans his gym clothes. I will never forget the one day I was doing squats in the squat rack and he set up next to me at the Smith Machine. I thought I was going to puke.


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