It’s the prices, stupid…

Why an MRI costs $1,080 in America and $280 in France.

Obamacare ain’t gonna fix it.  Neither are the ridiculous proposals of the GOP (heck, Paul Ryan’s idea to gut Medicare would, in all likelihood, remove the only true system of healthcare cost containment that is doing any good).

Healthcare simply cannot be run as a standard commodity where the market dictates the price, because seeking medical care is not optional.  The market works for pricing things like cars because I can always decide I don’t need to buy one, or can get by with a cheaper model.  If I have a chronic or acute illness or injury it really isn’t an option to choose not to treat it, or seek out a less skilled physician/hospital for a cheaper price.

The reality is that some things simply should not be commodities.  The commodification of healthcare is bankrupting this country, period.  Anyone who offers any solution to this problem that doesn’t involve serious cost containment should be shouted out of the room.

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